Welcome to Milky Sensei

Hey there! I'm Jordan, the Artist behind Milky Sensei.
I run the brand based out of Gold Coast, Queensland.

I've been exhibiting as Milky Sensei since 2021, however have previously run under another brand since 2018. Conventions attended include: Supanova, Oz Comic Con, Armageddon Expo, SMASH, Hoshi Con, Avcon, Gamma Expo.

As I travel across Australia and New Zealand for conventions, I've been able to build a strong community of customers in cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Gold Coast, Auckland. Regulars often visit conventions just to grab my latest art!

Your consideration for my application is greatly appreciated. I look forward to setting up at your event and bring joy to fans/attendees.

Table Setup


While there are some products that are NSFW, these are not displayed unless they are either covered or hidden. NSFW art is also not included at my table if organisers do not allow it. Please understand that when considering my application, as I can easily adjust my display to suit the audience!